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Investigative Reporter

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Investigative Reporter REF#: JG31696
Investigative Journalism Foundation
Location: remote/anywhere in Canada, Ontario
Posted: January 5, 2022
Salary: $60,000-$70,000


About the Investigative Journalism Foundation
The old Canadian journalism model is dead and it’s not coming back. We’re building a new model. Digital-first. Radically transparent. Laser-focused on serving the public and speaking truth to power.

The Investigative Journalism Foundation (IJF) will expand the breadth, depth, and long-term financial sustainability of investigative journalism in Canada. Although there are already a handful of outlets producing reporting on specific topics, Canada does not have a dedicated, audience-supported, central bureau of investigative journalism, like ProPublica in the United States. The IJF will fill that gap. We strongly believe that our work will enhance the right to know of Canadians from coast to coast to coast.

The power of the internet makes it easier for us to combine the beauty of code with the principles of journalism to create public interest databases. We’re launching with three databases: One on who donates to politicians nationwide, one on who lobbies them, and one revealing detailed financial information for charities. 

The political donations database includes 6 million donations made to elected representatives at the federal level and in every province and territory over the past 30 years. The lobbyist database contains detailed information on how the largest and most powerful organizations are looking to shape Canada. The charities database offers unparalleled detail into the tax returns of every Canadian charity going back to 1990. 

These databases will make it easy to answer questions like: Who donates the most to each politician nationwide? Which lobbyists get the most meetings? Which charities raise the most money? 

These three databases are just the beginning. We will roll out dozens of public interest databases in the coming years. We will marry the databases to high-quality data-driven investigations focused on revealing waste and corruption in Canada.

Our team comprises leading journalists like Zane Schwartz, the chair of the Canadian Association of Journalists; Michael Pereira, lead developer on the Globe and Mail’s Unfounded series; and Karyn Pugliese, the managing editor of investigative journalism at CBC News. We also have exceptional technologists like John Ruffolo, the managing partner of Maverix Private Equity and the David Suzuki Foundation vice-chair.

About this job
This is a full-time staff job. Most of the IJF’s team is based in Toronto, but we’re happy to hear from candidates based elsewhere in Canada. Successful candidates will be excited about working at a mission-driven nonprofit that uses journalism to strengthen Canadian democracy every day. 

What you’ll do at the IJF: 
  • Write stories that speak truth to power by combining access-to-information requests, data wrangling and shoe-leather reporting.      
  • Dive deep into our political donations, lobbying and charities databases to find both long-form stories and tidbits worthy of inclusion in our newsletter. 
  • Collaborate with other IJF reporters on everything from story-idea generation to long-term investigations.
  • Collaborate with IJF developers on the creation of new public interest databases. 
  • Work on co-productions with reporters in partner newsrooms at some of the largest media outlets in the country. 
  • Help train journalists, academics, wonks and activists who are looking to use IJF databases to better understand how Canadian democracy works.


We’re looking for someone with:
  • Experience writing in-depth or investigative stories that make the world a better place. We’re looking for people who have shown a dedication to uncovering the truth.  
  • The ability to spend months methodically working on a long-term investigation while simultaneously bringing an accountability lens to quick-turnaround pieces.  
  • Excitement about working in a data journalism-focused newsroom. We integrate things like web scraping, data visualization, machine learning and natural language processing in our editorial process. You don’t need to know how to do any of these things, but if you do, tell us in your cover letter.  
  • A genuine interest in working with others. Our newsroom is deeply collaborative and we regularly work with other media outlets. We believe the best journalism happens when we work together. 

Please fill out this form. It will ask you for your CV and a cover letter telling us how your skills are a fit for the IJF’s mission, as well as links to three stories you reported of which you’re particularly proud. With the links, please include a few sentences outlining what role you played in the story and how it best demonstrates you have the skills outlined in the “we’re looking for someone with” section above.  

The three projects from your portfolio are by far the most important part of your application.  Please state that you found this job on Jeff Gaulin's Journalism Job Board. 

Not sure you’re qualified for this job? Please apply anyway. We’re looking for talented people who share our passion for making Canada a better place. Experience matters less than a desire to learn and grow. We’re committed to building an inclusive environment.

We’re looking forward to hearing from you.

— The IJF team


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