July  21, 2024
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How to Reply to a Job Posted on JeffGaulin.com

Are you a journalist looking for a job in newspapers, magazines, TV, radio, new media or public relations? Or perhaps a sales or production professional working in the media and communications industry? Then browse my web site for free and find the job for you!

If you want to apply for a job posted on this web site, please apply directly to the employer with the contact information provided. Do not send me your resume. I'm just a job broker; I don't do the hiring.

In addition, please respect the qualifications and application requirements of each employer. They will get dozens of resumes from users of this site. If you want to make sure you get a fair shot at an interview, please include all materials requested (resume, cover letter, clippings, references, etc.) and please respect the stated qualifications. If you have less than two years experience and a job calls for a minimum of five years experience, please use your discretion in applying.

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