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James Risdon REF#: JOUR7931
journalist December 22, 2016

Bathurst, New Brunswick
Work Status:
Willing to Relocate: Yes
Areas of Interest: business, science, religion
Contact: jlrisdon@gmail.com
Tel: (506) 545-7192


Bio: James is a journalistic pitbull.

Frighteningly unafraid, he asks the tough and sometimes bizarre questions that need to be posed to understand a subject. Then, he plows through until he gets answers.

It's an approach that's served him well.

In a career that has seen him live and/or work throughout Canada, from Yellowknife to Vancouver to Halifax, James has picked up awards for his individual feature writing and spot news coverage with a team of dedicated journalists.

Business reporting is his professional passion because the way people make their money says a lot about them and our society. He currently reports for The Chronicle Herald, Halifax's daily newspaper, where he covers, yes, business.

During his career, James has reported for the Winnipeg Free Press, The Daily Press, and the Telegraph-Journal as well as many community newspapers, magazines and news websites. With solid tech skills, he has built several news websites.

Fluently-bilingual, he is equally adept at interviewing Canadians in French or English and has appeared as a regular guest on RadioCanada. He is a graduate of Concordia University's journalism program, holds college diplomas in social sciences and business administration, and is a former national director of the Canadian Association of Journalists and organizer of a National Writers' Symposium and professional workshops.

A backyard strummer and saxo-phoney-ist, he relaxes by playing music, reading scientific articles, enjoying scifi, riding his mountain bike, and eating too much chocolate.

Like Stephen Colbert, he is afraid of bear attacks.


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